Sunday Service Information:
SONG #1 Worship Leader– ABBY JO RICE-Please do welcome AFTER the first song-“Good Morning everyone and welcome to the Vineyard………..” Invite people to stand and worship together.
AnnouncementsPAM PENDLETON-(be ready to come up immediately after the 4th song please be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit may be doing, feel free to be led by the Spirit…)  one oIf you are a first time GUEST  we would love if you would fill out the Connect card in your bulletin and tell us how you found your way here today. For each card we get, we will donate $10 to the Pontifex Food outreach! We love supporting all that Pontifex does and partnering with them to feed the hungry in our community.  We promise not to send you a lot of junk…..Just drop your Card in the offering basket and be sure and see one of  the ushers to pick up a welcome packet that includes a free worship CD as our gift to you.(MEDIA GRAPHIC PLEASE) 
KIDS –You are now dismissed to follow the adults in the blue shirts to Kids Church classes.. (MEDIA GRAPHIC PLEASE). While they are leaving, I would like to highlight a few announcements……..
Good to see all you brave souls that were able to get here this morning! For future reference,  if Fremont/Sandusky County is on a level 3 snow emergency on Sunday morning, we will cancel church. If there is a level 2, we will have church, but just a pared-down version (worship, prayer, etc) with whomever is able to attend.(MEDIA GRAPHIC PLEASE).
Immediately after the end of the service today there will be a congregational meeting. Members, regular attenders and anyone considering themselves as part of the New Hope family is encouraged to attend(MEDIA GRAPHIC PLEASE).
Night to Shine is 19 days away!! Many people are busy making decorations, finalizing registration and checking last minute details.You MUST attend a training session to be able to volunteer at the event.An additional make-up training session will be held this coming Saturday, Jan 26th from 9-noon. If you have had a background check done elsewhere, turn that in asap. Next Sunday after service there will be another decoration/crafting session and we could use your help! (MEDIA GRAPHIC PLEASE)
ALPHA will be starting another session on Feb. 27th-watch for more info !(MEDIA GRAPHIC PLEASE).
Be sure to read your bulletin so you don’t miss any other events or classes.
Let’s continue to worship the Lord with our tithes and offerings……(pray your own prayer for the offering) AMEN. 
SERMON- THE JOURNEY-– Ezra 7:27-28- Keeping the Temple Holy-TONY BUXSEL