Serving Schedules

March  3- Pam    



           24- Ray Dayringer


April    7- Rod

14- Sharla


28- John/Jill

May      5-Nancy

12-Ray Dayringer


26- Sharla

June    2-Pam


16- Nancy

23-Ray Dayringer

30- Rod

April-McMaster/Roz A./Cyndi C.
June-Johns/Marsha H./Angie R.
July-Art B./Eve F./ Ella R./Roz A.
August-Nowak/Angie R./ Sheryl N.(first 2 Sundays)/
            Eve F.(last 2 Sundays)
September- Edmonds/McMaster
October-Ella R./Rice/Art B.
December-Dayringer/ Johns
Information Table
March 24-Christopher/Nancy Cullen
March 31-McMaster
April 7-Edmonds
April 14-Ray/Beth Garza
April 21-Ray Drown/Jacobus Bouillion
April 28-John/Jill Cullen
May 5- Christopher/Nancy Cullen
May 12- Dayringer
May 19-Buxsel
May 26- Miller
June 2-Pendleton
June 9-McMaster
June 16-Edmonds
June 23-Ray/Beth Garza
June 30-Ray/Jacobus
Worship Leaders
Mar   17- Christopher
Mar   24- Abby Jo
Mar   31-Christopher——Celebration Sunday
April   7- Abby Jo
April  14- Chris–Communion
April  21-Christopher—-Easter
April  28-Chris



April 14- Pendleton
May 12- TBA
June 9-TBA
July 14-Dayringer
August 11-TBA
September 8- John/Jill Cullen
October 13- Buxsel
November 10-Christopher/Nancy Cullen
December 8-Bob/Becky Miller
Coffee Service

March 24- Marie and Barbara McCoy

March 31-Brinkmanis

April 7- Eve Foreman and Mike Snyder

April 14- Brinkmanis
April 21(Easter)- Ruth Gonzalez and Angie Endicott
April 28- Marie and Barbara McCoy

May 5- Eve Foreman and Mike Snyder

May 12—Brinkmanis

May 19- Ruth Gonzalez and Angie Endicott

May 26- Marie and Barbara McCoy