March 15, 2020
Sunday Service Information:
SUNDAY March 15, 2020

SONG 1-Worship Leader-CHRISTOPHER CULLEN -Please do welcome AFTER the first song-“Good Morning everyone and welcome to the Vineyard………..” Invite people to stand and worship together.




AnnouncementsSHARLA MCMASTER-(be ready to come up immediately after the 4TH song please be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit may be doing, feel free to be led by the Spirit…) IF you are a first time GUEST(do NOT say visitor) we would love if you would fill out the Connection card in THE SEATBACK POCKET in front of you and tell us how you found your way here today. For each card we get, we will donate $10 to the Pontifex Food outreach! We love supporting all that Pontifex does and partnering with them to feed the hungry in our community. We promise not to send you a lot of junk…..Just drop your Card in the offering basket and be sure and stop at the INFO TABLE to pick up a welcome packet that includes a free download card of worship music as our gift to you.(MEDIA GRAPHIC PLEASE)

VKC KIDS –You are now released to meet your teachers in the blue shirts at the middle doors to head over to KIDS CHURCH. (MEDIA GRAPHIC PLEASE)) While they are leaving, I would like to highlight a few announcements…..

Have you volunteered yet this month at Share and Care?? During March New Hope has the opportunity to help fold and sort clothing at Share and Care. This is a wonderful ministry in our community that runs mainly on the generosity of volunteers. Check out the bulletin to see what time you could help—it’s also a great outreach activity for your small group!(MEDIA GRAPHIC PLEASE)

Be sure to read your bulletin so you don’t miss any of the events and classes going on here at the Vineyard!(MEDIA GRAPHIC PLEASE).

Let’s continue to worship the Lord with our tithes and offerings (do NOT ask ushers to come forward!!!)……(pray your own prayer for the offering) AMEN.