May 28, 2023 Service Information   

SONG#1WORSHIP LEADER -Chris–Welcome and greeting


ANNOUNCEMENTS- Nancy-come up after the last song of the set–please be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit may be doing…….
Good morning New Hope family! My name is ___________ and I lead(or am on the) “your area of ministry”.

If you are a first time guest, we would love if you would fill out a Connection Card found in the seatback pocket of the chair in front of you and tell us how you found your way here today. Drop your card in the offering basket or at the info table in the Gathering Place. For each card received, we will donate $10 to the Pontifex Food Outreach to help feed those in need in our community. We also have a Welcome Packet for YOU that contains a gift of some great worship music.

(Look at camera) If you are joining us from home today and would like to connect or have a prayer request, please visit our–and let us know how we can serve you!
VKC KIDS (YOUTH??) –You are now DISMISSED to meet your teachers at the middle doors to head over for your classes.(MEDIA GRAPHIC PLEASE). While they are leaving, I have a few announcements to share with you……
MEN- mark your calendars-There will be a  Men’s Campfire  the evening of Saturday, June 10th. Bring a lawn chair! See Jim Edmonds for more info (MEDIA GRAPHIC PLEASE)
As you walk through the Gathering Place today be sure and check out the Lost and Found table(after today the stuff will be gone!) and get your tickets for the Pontifex fundraiser. (MEDIA GRAPHIC PLEASE)
Let’s continue  our worship by collecting our tithes and offerings (PRAY OVER OFFERING). 
Sermon  – Nancy to introduce the video on Pentecost from Jay Pathak.